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Would you like to impress me and set our rendezvous off to a wonderful start?  This page contains some tips to make our visit less costly for you and easier for me.  In order to receive a $50 discount on our time together, please follow the instructions below:

1) Your first contact to me includes the name you want me to call you, and your screening information (see my Contact page).  If I have to ask you for screening information, or if the information isn't complete, you won't receive the discount.  (Existing friends can skip this step since you've already been screened.)

2) Your first contact to me is through email, or one of the screening services that I use.  If you call me on the phone without scheduling a time to do so with me first, you won't receive the discount.

3) You have looked at my calendar.  This means that the times you ask for are times I have listed available.  If you ask me about when I am available, you won't receive the discount.  

4) You make your appointment at least a day in advance.  For next day appointments, this means before 10pm.  If you contact me for a same day appointment, you won't receive the discount.

5) You don't ask me any questions that I have already answered on my website.  Please read carefully.  I have created this website for the convenience of us both.  Pay careful attention to my Etiquette page.  You will not receive the discount if you ask me any questions that I can show you the answer to on my website.  

6) If you have already completed all these steps, tell me you would like to receive the discount and give me the code phrase "Epicure."  I will let you know if you've been successful and tell you if you can take $50 of the consideration.  You will not receive the discount if you do not complete this step and receive confirmation from me.

This special is intended for new friends and for existing friends who are not already being grandfathered into an old donation.  If you miss any steps, you will need to meet me at my current donation at least once before you are eligible to try again.   

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